• Kazachstan

“Kazakhstan, what?”


Our Office Assistant Iris has just returned from a 2-week trip to Kazakhstan. A unique destination that you don't often hear about and where people even ask: "What are you doing there?" Iris tells ...

  • Berlijn

Agium: Berlin


Agium left for Berlin in the Ascension weekend of 2022 with 130 colleagues. 🇩🇪 Bianca tells in honor of what they made this trip and how they experienced the weekend: “On the one ...

  • Sardinia

Luxury Travel: Sardinia 2021


THE RESORT The day before departure we had to do a PCR Test. This all went according to plan and so we left for this beautiful island Sardinia on June 18. After a ...

Via Norma: Entrepreneurial trip Dubai


In collaboration with Uniglobe Westland Travel, I organized a unique entrepreneurial trip for 15 entrepreneurs to Dubai, from Februari 9-13, 2022. A trip like this always involves more than you think. You want to ...

  • Chelsea stadion

Soccerclub Velo: London


Friday, January 4 it was finally time to go to London. With a limited budget, luckily supplemented by our sponsor PJH Verhuur, we went on a 'training' weekend to London. André and Frans had ...

Educational Milan – Alitalia & Uniglobe


We write October 4, 2018, a Thursday morning on which autumn in the Netherlands seems far away. In the early morning a group of people gather in the departure hall at Schiphol. Some know ...

Sion: Sao Paulo


On a growers trip to Brasil with Sion! In november 2017 Sion traveled to Sao Paulo, Brasil to go on a growers trip. Sandra van der Valk tells you more about her experience ...

  • Kwekersreis Rome

LTO: Rome


Planned a growers- or agricultural trip? Read about the experience of LTO Glaskracht in Rome!  Arthur van den Berg from LTO Glaskracht The Netherlands tells you about his experience with Uniglobe Westland ...

  • Jubileumreis Mallorca

JEM-id: Mallorca


20 years anniversary of JEM-id: Jubilee trip to Mallorca! JEM-id celebrated her 20 years anniversary on Mallorca with the complete staff and we had the honour to take care of this trip. "How lovely ...